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3rd Party Supplier Security Review

Our flag ship 3rd Party Supplier Assurance Service and methodology, is a robust solution, with a proven track record managing over 450, 3rd Party Suppliers. Over the last 12 months our methodology has contributed to successful launch of many high profile projects for a well know High Street Retail Giant.

We offer expert reporting services and IT Security Knowledge & Analysis for our clients projects. Our management team and consultants are trusted partners, who can assist organisations to fill gaps in annual audit plan for a fixed contract period or for a one off project.

Digital Secures consultants helps organisations, to protect sensitive data which process, store and transmit data. We provide Risk Management advice and support to your business.

Our Managed Service can provide ongoing IT health checks, to assist "Business As Usual" ongoing compliance and certification, when processing data for your business or via suppliers or service providers. We can provide guidance to develop IT business controls to manage the risk for the relevant Compliance Standards requirements.

It is important to classify the data sets stored on computers or in paper format into groups which are meaningful to your business and meets any other relevant industry standards, such as PCI DSS, ISO27001, Data Protection or Information Governance Toolkit.

PCI DSS & ISO27001 Compliance Standards for Suppliers & Service Providers

  • In the PCI DSS version 3.0, in section 12.8 through to 12.8.5 and 12.9.
  • In the ISO 27001 version 2013, in section 15.1 through to 15.2.2, Information Security in Supplier Relationships

How can we help, your business become compliant with industry standards

STEP 1 - Classify the type of sensitive data your business processes, stores and transmits.

STEP 2 - Implement the right Compliance Standard & type of IT Risk Assessment to evaluate the risks.

STEP 3 - Report the IT Risk Assessment Findings & Recommendations.

STEP 4 - Remediate the IT Risks Assessments Report.

STEP 5 - Maintain BAU & Ongoing Compliance.

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